How Finance Department can Run Business Faster?
Given a choice between Hard Work and Smart Work, Smart people always choose the latter. Let us see a few ideas on how Accountants, CFOs are using HAL ERP to save hours of their Business time
Bank Import – Month worth of expenses in one go!
In countries where Bank Recon Apis are not readily available, We have developed the Bank Import module. Use this to log month’s worth of expenses in one go. All you have to do is course correct ledgers and add more memo.

Recurring Transactions – Never enter the same transactions again

If you have standard expenses, prepaid rents to be entered every month, enter it once and make it recurring on your desired frequency. All you have to do is optional approval every month or week. This is not limited to expenses. You can recur your invoices, AP, AR too! Also, you can copy any transactions to create a transaction

Bulk screens are not limited to expenses. You can do Bulk receivables, payables, items, vendors, customers & so on

Bank Reconciliation – Feel confident on your Reports to Management

When there is no Bank Api’s in a country, it doesn’t mean you have to print your statement and ledger to reconcile. Use our Bank Reconciliation module to detect anomalies quickly & reconcile bank balancesEstimated Time saving: 2 hours per Month (min)

Salary Posting – Just approval away!

Gone are the days of following up with the HR department to give Salary related expense ledger entries. Once they run the payroll, verify and approve. Your Employee related expenses take care.

Estimated Time saving: 72 hours per Month (min)

Age Analysis – It won’t take ages to get them

All your Customer to Supplier aging analysis is readily available and ready-to-share with stakeholders. Get Financial to Costing information on tap of a mouse.

That’s how Hal ERP Finance users save a minimum of 2.5 to 3 hours per day to 35% of their work time every month. When Businesses can run faster with lean resources, Isn’t a better competitive edge for the Business?